27 January 2012

Euros 2012 - Tomas Verner's thoughts after the SP

Tomas was third after yesterday short program, behind the young Gachinski and the Tsar Plushenko.

Speaking about Plushenko comeback, Tomas' thoughts were reported on his Facebook page:
I didn’t feel any pressure because of Evgeni, this is an event of 24 skaters, and whoever will be the best will be decided by the judges. I tried to do my best. But I felt some pressure because during the Grand Prix season I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. That was the only pressure. Evgeni being here is actually a great pleasure because it’s always good to compete against such great skaters.

Right after skating, speaking of his performance, Tomas said:
It was a disappointing opening to the program. I knew when I missed the quad and I’ve been struggling with the triple Axel in practice so I felt I didn’t have anything to look forward to. But then it was better. I just hope I did good enough for the free skate and will be in the last group. That was my goal.

On his injury, Tomas added:
In the summer I slipped a disc in my lower spine and had two months off at the beginning of the season – two months of a lot of pain. It was desperate. Then at New Year I pulled the bands in my left knee. So it has not been the best start to the season. I think I am now at 80 percent fitness. But you will rarely find an athlete at full fitness. I would like to say congratulations to Sheffield. It is a really lovely crowd.

A beautiful pic of our top skaters waiting for the press conference to start.

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