27 January 2012

Euros 2012 - Plushenko's thoughts after the SP

After the competition, Evgeni thanked all his fans for their support on twitter: "Thank you all!!!!! Your support helps me and I skate for you, my dears!!!!!!! "

Always on twitter, he added: "Yesterday I aggravated my knee injury. Therefore we decided not to do the quad today. It was either doing a program without the quad or not competing, and I want to finish this competition. I know it is hard to win without a quad. For me, it is about finishing this competition. A program without a quad was like a trip into the past. Doing a program without a quad is not my level, but I can't do it now."

Sport.ria reported him saying that "Yesterday I decided not to do the quad. I tried to do it twice in the training and I could not skate after that. It was a real disaster. That is why we decided not to make the quad. I made the program easier. Otherwise I had to give up. But I will not give up."

Evgeni Plushenko will continue to compete at this week's European Championships in Sheffield, but the knee injury sidelines him for the World Championships. Plushenko told reporters he's been receiving injections to deal with the pain, but that the latest setback won't deter him from his goal of competing at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi in his home country.

That he is still in contention for yet another European gold is testament to his enduring class, and the struggles of his challengers. A master at thrilling audiences for the past decade, Plushenko hasn't lost the art of playing the showman. Enticing the judges by circling in front of them before his routine, he was all smiles as he gave a performance full of energy and expression.

His jumps were largely spot on, too, with a triple axel particularly impressing the judges. But no quad, as we just said: "When I do the quad toe, I need three or four minutes to recover from the pain," Evgeni said.
That gave his rivals a chance to keep pace. But, one by one, they faltered. "To be honest, I think my rivals gave me a big present today," Plushenko jokingly said.

"Today I am happy about Artur but especially happy about Evgeni: after one or two years away, he is able to compete again, with just one leg," said Alexei Mishin, who coaches both Gachinski and Plushenko. However, Mishin thinks Plushenko can try to do the quad in the free program.

Plushenko thinks Gachinsky's leadership is well deserved. “Arthur skated at a high level. I simply cannot compete with him with the program I skated today. But I am very happy with my little medal, no matter that it is silver.”

Sources: cbc.ca, espn, sports.ru and sport.ria

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