27 January 2012

Euros 2012 - MEN SP RESULTS

This competition was full of emotions and surprises, for sure. The stress was obviously very high: there were many mistakes, even from great skaters. But you can see it for yourself, having a look at the standings after the SP. The FP is on Saturday 28.

Gachinski seems embarassed, poor boy. And Evgeni needs to urge him to go and get his small gold medal. It's so cute! And Tomas giving his teddy bear to Brezina and then not knowing were to stand? So cute!

Artur Gachinski

Artur was the true surprise of today SP. The young heir of the last Tsar of Russia become his main opponent, and... he beated him! Ok, we're speaking of 0.09 points, but all the same Artur is in first place! And the expression on Mishin's face was priceless! While Artur was beaming and grinning from ear to ear, Mishin was like '84.80, first place... wait, first place? No, I got it wrong for sure, let's read it again: FIRST PLACE! Yesssss!!!'
Artur performance was really wow!
Gachinski opened with a quad toe-triple toe combination and was the only one of the 29 skaters to hit a quad-triple combination. He went on to skate cleanly, landing a solo triple axel and a solo triple loop. The 18-year-old picked up a level four for two spins and the circular footwork and scored a new seasons best with 84.80 points. “I think this was my best ever skate so far. I did all the jumps, the spins and the footwork as I had planned. I basically expected such a performance as I was ready for the short program. Right now I feel only that I am the leader in the short program. The free skating is still to come and everything can change”, the current World bronze medalist commented.

Evgeni Plushenko

Without any doubt the Tsar is back, and I'm so very happy and proud of him! Ok, he was not in top shape and the injury prevented him to overdo, making him to give up on the quad. His condition was reflected on his presentation: he was not so brilliant and lively as usual. But Plushenko proved for sure that he is still a hardcase.
Skating on a knee that will require surgery later in the year, Plushenko opted to ditch the quad in his short program in favor of a clean program. His triple lutz-triple toe was solid, and he was clean through his two other jumping passes, a triple axel and a triple loop. His spins and footwork were a level three. “These Europeans are very tough for me, I have two injuries. Yesterday I aggravated my knee injury and when I do the quad toe, I need three, four minutes to recover from the pain. Therefore we decided not to do the quad today. It was either doing a program without the quad or not competing, and I want to finish this competition”, the Russian said.

Tomas Verner

Tomas was third after two-footing and stepping out of his opening quad toe, which received credit for full rotation. The rest of his short program was strong. “It was a disappointing opening to the program. I knew when I missed the quad and I’ve been struggling with the triple Axel in practice so I felt I didn’t have anything to look forward to. But then it was better”, Tomas noted.

Javier Fernandez

Fernandez made errors on his triple lutz-triple toe and his triple axel.

Florent Amodio

Amodio stumbled on the quad Salchow and is currently ranked fifth.

And let's go on with the videos of the other great skaters that hit the ice yesterday.

Kevin, Kevin, what ar you doing? This is the last European for the Belgian skater who will retire after this season. It's a pity, maybe he's not constant, but I've always loved his power, his strenght, even if his muscles make him not so light on the ice.

Oh dear, Babou! What happened? That wasn't you. It's the first time Brian Joubert is likely not to step on the podium in the European Championships. I really wish him to be in better shape, mentally and phisically, for the free program! Go Brian!

Samuel, not you too! Everyone fell yesterday! The stress must have been very high for so many skaters doing so many stupid mistakes. Come on Samuel! Your program is bautiful and you can do better than that. Go Samuel!!!

Ok, there's somthing wrong. Even the "cat" fell? Come on Paolo, we want to see you at your best for the free program!

Source: ISU

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