28 January 2012

Euros 2012 - MEN FP practice: Joubert and Plushenko

What do you think about having a look at yesterday free program practice, while waiting for today men competition?
All the guys were so tense in the short program, let's see how they're doing for today free program.

Here it is Brian Joubert. He sounded a bit downhearted in his interwies after the short, even if he seemed to have taken quite well what I'm sure is only a setback.

It's not a convinced expression the onein the last pic... Come on Babou! We're rooting for you!!

And let's see now how Evgeni Plushenko is doing. The Tsar seemed to have taken well the fact of being beaten by what everyone call his heir, Artur Gachinski, who is 11 years his junior. Sure enough, he had to urge an embarassed Artur to go and get his small gold medal during the small medal ceremony.
Wait, is he attempting the quad here among the other jumps?

Evgeni practicing footwork and spins.

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