27 January 2012


Friday was time for the ladies short program, and neither a temporary blackout at my home prevented me to enjoy the competition!

Carolina Kostner

Italy’s Carolina Kostner, looking for her fourth career gold at the event, made her way to the front of the pack after a strong skate. Caro opened with a solid triple toe-triple toe and went on to land a solo triple loop and a double axel, but a botched fly during her final combination spin cost her some marks in execution. "I was a little nervous when I approached the ice rink and saw the people. But then I thought, this is the 10th time I’m doing this, just enjoy it because you don’t know if next year you’ll still be here. It helped me a lot to calm down, to just do what I do in practice, so I’m very pleased about how I did", Carolina commented.

Kiira Korpi

Kiira looked to have skated a clean short program to "Somewhere over the rainbow", but the technical panel called her solo triple loop underrotated, which kept her from taking the lead. But her triple toe-triple toe was strong. "I feel good, it was absolutely the best for me this season. I'm so happy that I did it today although I felt quite nervous. I have had a rough season. I had some injuries in the beginning of the season and also the preparation for this competition wasn't ideal, so I wanted to come here and not think about any placements but just to do my best performance and try to enjoy the competition”, Korpi told the press.

Ksenia Makarova

Makarova fought through her triple toe-triple toe and saved it with only a turnout on the landing. “I’m content with my program. I came out to skate a clean and very confident program, which I did. It’s hard to explain how I felt, but I knew when I was coming out I had to do what I do every single day in practice, just do it well”, the 19-year-old said.

I really love Alena-the-pirate routine! And she wears trousers! That reminds me of a great Russian champion, the Tsarina Irina Slutskaya...

Our wonderful Valentina Marchei!!!

Our young girl made the preliminary round and took the 22nd place!

Source: ISU

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