29 January 2012


Yesterday the new european Queen has been crowned, and she's our girl, the Italian skater Carolina Kostner! On the second step of the podium the beautiful Kiira Korpi, followed by Elena Gedevanishvili.


Carolina Kostner

Carolina took her fourth gold yesterday, winning her second big title of the season after taking the Grand Prix Final in December. She opted to not include a triple lutz, but she was steady throughout, hitting five triples in her routine to Mozart's Concerto No. 23 for Piano and Orchestra and picked up a level four for the spins. “I am very pleased with the whole week here. I had an awesome feeling on the ice and just hearing the crowd cheer me on, it was amazing. I completely canceled the pressure out of my mind. I am looking for good performances, especially just for myself because this is my 10th European Championship; I've won it three times and in those three times I never had the chance to really enjoy it. That's what I did this whole week and I'm very pleased with how it turned out”, Carolina commented.

Kiira Korpi

Korpi started her free skate to “I Got Rhythm” with a triple toe-triple toe. But she had her first triple loop called underrotated and had her second triple loop completely invalidated because she had already repeated two other triple jumps in her free skate. But she was still able to hold on to finish with the silver medal. “The beginning of the program was not so good but then I fought back and the rest of the program was better and I am satisfied with the result”, Kiira shared. “I didn't know about the rule which is why I was confused as to why the last triple didn't count. It was a stupid mistake which I must learn from”, she added.

Elene Gedevanishvili

Skating to “The Phantom of the Opera”, Gedevanishvili hit four triples and two double Axels. She moved up from fourth to the podium. “I think my performance was pretty good. When I ended my performance I was just happy that it was over and that I had been strong enough to hold my programs together. The most important thing for me is that after a long time I enjoyed skating again. I didn't care if I was in fourth or in tenth place. I just enjoyed skating”, Elene explained.

And going on with the other ladies...

Source: ISU


  1. Sono stata troppo felice per la nostra Carolina Kostner - finalmente pare matura ed in grado di gestire ansia e tensione della competizione - riuscendo a fare uno Short ed un Free Program praticamente perfetti ! Brava - direi che era ora .....!

  2. Se devo essere sincera sono più una fan di Valentina Marchei che di Carolina, ma sono stata davvero felissima del suo titolo. Vederla perdere punti per colpa della tensione mi è sempre dispiaciuto un sacco. Invece sia con lo short che con il free questa volta ha dimostrato di essere la vera regina d'Europa!

  3. Ti dirò che anni fa Carolina mi era proprio un poco antipatica ........ forse anche io preferisco la Marchei ma Carolina è baravissima e sono contenta che sia riuscita a tornare a dominare la scena europea

  4. Ahah un poco? Diciamo parecchio! :p
    Sì Carolina è davvero brava, ed elegante. L'unico suo punto debole è la tensione che le fa fare danni incredibili, come a Vancouver...