30 December 2011

Valentin Piseev: "Cinquanta promised to do everything possible to let Plushenko compete at the European Championships"

Tatiana Flade wrote on sports.ru about the current situation of Plushenko's not having the minimum score required by the ISU to compete at Euros. [N/A: for more infos, read Russia announces its team for Euros and Russia is fighting for Plushenko].

The Russian Federation has already contacted the ISU about this issue, and according to Valentin Piseev, Ottavio Cinquanta has voiced his support for Plushenko.

Tatiana Flade thinks it would be ridiculous to exclude an Olympic Champion from Europeans because of this rule. The rule in fact was meant to exlude weaker skaters, but the problem is that the ISU didn't think at the case of a former champion returning. Plushenko actually intended to compete internationally this season, but was prevented by his knee surgery and the recovery from his injury.

Flade thinks this rule should have an exception for former champions, like the Grand Prix has, and that there is no reason Plushenko, or any other former top skater who decides to comeback and didn't have the chance to compete internationally, should be excluded from Euros because of this rule.

Source: sports.ru

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