9 November 2014

Stéphane LAMBIEL

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Name: Stéphane Lambiel
Place of birthMartigny
Birthdate: April 02, 1985
Weight: 148 lbs (67 kg)
Height: 58 (1.75 m)
Hobbies: travelling
Country represented: Switzerland

Nicknames: the Little Prince, Stephinou, the King of Spins

Turned professional: 9 March 2010

More news:
Stéphane has an older sister, Silvia, and a younger brother, Christophe. At the age of 7, having watched his sister skate, he became so fascinated by the art that he spent every evening watching skating videos and practicing jumps in the garage. A couple of years later he met Peter Grütter, who became and has remained his coach ever since, and Salomé Brunner, his long-time choreographer.
In 1997, when the World Figure Skating Championships were being held in Lausanne, Stéphane was officially invited to perform an exhibition where he impressed with his natural abilities, not only as an entertainer, but also as a promising competitor. At the time he was Swiss novice men’s champion. He went on to win all the national championships he attended, earning himself the senior title eight times in a row.
Stéphane achieved his first World Champion title in Moscow in 2005, becaming the first Swiss man to win Worlds in 48 years since Hans Gerschwiler, the 1947 World Champion. He then won the Silver Medal at the 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, an accomplishment that he had set his sights on since childhood. A mere month later, he won the World Championships for a second time.
Lambiel decided to sit out the 2007 European Championships. During the summer, he moved to Wayne, New Jersey, to work with Viktor Petrenko and Galina Zmievskaya. However, a lasting injury which he sustained during the World Championships to the adductor muscle of his left leg prevented him from training sufficiently and consequently he announced his retirement from competitive figure skating in October 2008.
In July 2009 he announced his desire of participating in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. He obtained his qualification in September by winning the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf and the Silver medal at the 2010 European Championships in Tallinn. In the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Stéphane had the great honor of carrying the national flag during the opening ceremony. Although he fought admirably until the very end of the competition, the Swiss champion finished fourth.
Stéphane is a powerful jumper, but his spins - quick, tightly centered and with eye-catching positions - are what set him apart.

Results: here

Offcial site: http://www.stephanelambiel.com/


  1. Adoro Stéphane Lambiel per me è il miglior pattinatore di tutti i tempi. Non è solo un grande pattinatore è un artista unico e favoloso !
    Come mi manca vederlo in competizione >3

  2. Anche io lo adoro!
    Ogni pattinatore che seguo mi piace per un motivo diverso, e Stéphane ha una grazia, una leggerezza, un'eleganza... E' davvero un artista.
    Vederlo di nuovo in gara sarebbe un sogno.

  3. Ohhh ecco ritornato in profilo di Stéphane ...... ma hai messo pochi video he he he

    Comunque proprio un bel ;-) profilo il ragazzo !

  4. Sono stata un po' impegnata con i mondiali... :p
    Prometto che finirò di mettere tutti i video! ;)