15 December 2011

Sochi's 2014 Olympic mascots

I officialy introduce you the 11 characters that could have become the mascots of the Sochi Games.

The winners were announced on a live television show broadcast throughout the country. Viewers cast over 1 million votes and selected the top-three to serve as Sochi's official mascots. Meet the lucky winners.

Snow leopard. It was the favorite of Vladimir Putin's. Yahoo!Sports reports political analyst Dmitry Oreshkin's opinion that there may have been some voting irregularities in the telephone voting system that led to the leopard's victory. The insinuation is that Putin wanted the leopard so the leopard somehow made it to the top of the voting. Yahoo!Sports commets ironically: "A rigged vote in Russia? Preposterous!"

Bunny. The bunny will be wearing ice skates. Yahoo!Sports' scathing remark? "No word on whether the bunny was in cahoots with the French judge to help with the victory." (A/N: not knowning what I'm talking about? Have a look here.)

Polar Bear. The Associated Press says the final mascot looks "dorky" (ok, it doesn't seem a genius, but it's pretty sweet, isnt' it?). The creator of Russia's last Olympic mascot says it's plagiarism. Viktor Chizhikov, the man who designed the mascot to the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, believes this bear is a direct copy of his. Well, yes, both bears have two eyes, a nose, and a smiling mouth, but beside of that...

To be onest I fell in love with Snowflake. Maybe because it's so easy to see it gracefully dance, particularly on the skating rink...

But loved also Matryoshka. From a marketing standpoint, these are perfect. They capture a well-known Russian custom and have four different characters to put on Olympic swag.

Santa didn't get many votes. Speaking of Santa... The Olympics have affected people from all over the world, but until now, the North Pole has been shut out of the Olympic experience. Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves and reindeer have never been a part of the Olympic movement. To compensate, The Sochi organizers will send the Olympic flame on a relay through the North Pole.

Ok, maybe this mascots aren't original as London's 2012 Olympic mascots, but, as Yahoo!Sport puts it, they won't neither "terrify children". Maybe the site's a bit exaggerating... but it made me laugh when it said that "they look like early rejects from a Pixar movie". We have to admit that Olympic mascots have always been the object of scorn, and they are designed for the children who will convince adults to buy them a bunch of merchandise. But I'm asking myself, a kid wouldn't like better a cuddly bunny (or bear) toy (or a videogame with a an athletic snow leopard on his snowboard) rather than these one-eyed characters?

Source: Yahoo!Sport here, here and here.

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