20 December 2011

Mishin confirms Plushenko's plan to compete

Evgeni Plushenko's coach, Alexei Mishin, confirms the champion's return. Plushenko will compete for his ninth Russian national title at the end of December. "We have completed the costumes," said Mishin, Plushenko's coach of 18 years.

The points-based judging protocol requires competitors to execute much more difficult moves between the elements and perform more intricate footwork and spins.
Mishin said that Plushenko has improved his transitional steps and spins, conceding that those components of his performance were costing him crucial points under the new system.
Mishin added: "He does not jump better. He can do the quad but his left knee has some trouble. He needs to save it. He does triple Axel easily. Triple lutz, triple toe, no problem."

No Russian man qualified among the world's top six to compete at the Grand Prix Final. Artur Gachinski, also coached by Mishin, finished fifth in both his Grand Prix assignments this season, although he won a bronze medal at last season's world championships. Mishin reported Gachinski is currently "not healthy." Nonetheless, he will prepare both men for the nationals and the European championships in Britain in January.

"When Plushenko returned the first time (for the 2010 Olympics), I called him a hero. Now, returning a second time, I call him twice hero because it is very difficult for him to be coming back in this season. To do it twice is extremely complicated," Mishin said. Mishin affirmed that Plushenko's ultimate plan is to compete on home soil in Sochi, although the injury to his left knee could be a problem.

Plushenko needs to place first or second at nationals to be able to compete in Euros and Worlds.

Source: Yahoo!News

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