9 December 2011

Mao Asada's mother died today

Mao Asada's mother has died at the young age of 48 of cirrhosis to the liver at Nagoya hospital. Mao Asada did not arrive in Japan in time to say goodbye.

Ladies prepare with Japanese skater's mother on their minds.
Carolina Kostner had tears in her eyes. Akiko Suzuki said: "I don't know the details about Mao, but I am praying for her mother. The only thing I can do is skate my best for the Japanese team." Alissa Csizny, too, sent her best wishes. "I'm so sorry," she said. "Mao is a good friend."

John Kerr said on his Facebook profile: "My thoughts and prayers are with Mao & Mai Asada today..." While Evgeni Plushenko twitted: "Dear Mao, this is a huge loss... We are all with you and my heart with you! She will stay in our memory forever! Stay strong. RIP"

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