15 December 2011

Joubert's thoughts before the start of French nationals

Many injuries are the reason why the French champion defaulted so many competitions this season.
Joubert competed only at the Master's de Patinage in Orléans in October, where he placed second, behind Florent Amodio, the current European champion. He gived up also the Trophée Bompard to favour the French nationals.

His back is better, but he's still suffering, especially after a week of training. He trains for less time, but harder. He feels ready and looks at the nationals as a test for the European Championships (N/A: Sheffield, UK, 23-29 January). He aims at doing a clean program more than to be first.

In Dammarie-lès-Lys Joubert will find his best (French) enemy, Florent Amodio. But neither Amodio seems at his best. Joubert thinks that also Amodio will aim at quality, and the real pressure will be on the others skaters for the third place, that will guarantee access to the European Championships.

Source: la Nouvelle Répuplique.fr

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