30 December 2011

Brian Joubert gives Plushenko his compliments

French skater Brian Joubert told to L'Equipe about how he feels about Plushenko's comeback.
Joubert thinks it's really interesting. Evgeni Plushenko is a very strong athlete and it will be very difficult to defeat him at the European Championships, but he prefers to compete against him, than against Patrick Chan or Evan Lysacek, because he always takes risks.
According to Brian, in fifty years we will still be talking about his longevity in this sport, his technical prowess, his strength of will. He remembers seeing him at a gala in 2009, before his first comeback: he had then a couple of extra pounds, but Joubert says he knew that if Plushenko really decided to comeback, then he'd give everything to the maximum. Joubert adds that he thinks Plushenko had to win the Olympics 2010 in Vancouver.
He watched a recording of Plushenko's SP training. Brian admits that he was never thrilled with Plushenko's artistic choices, but the technique remains on top. That persuades him that this career doesn't necessarily finish after 23, and Plushenko testify to that.

Source: sports.ru

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