24 February 2010

Plushenko's platinum medal...

Many things have been said... Let's see trough this bizarre matter.
Here you can see Plushenko's official website home page. Do you see anything strange? Yes, you see it... the platinum medal! Oh my! Don't hurry going on his site, they've changed that. No captions anymore.
Someone didn't like that. A lot of people didn't like that. Where's your sense of humour guys??!!

from Plushenko's official website
What do you think?
1. Plushenko is making light of the event.
2. Plushenko is an elitist trying to belittle his competitors.
3. Somebody did this without his knowledge.
Someone said that after his post-medals comments option numer 1 and 3 were to be excluded. I think they're being mean. He's too intelligent for numerber 2 in my opinion. Yes, he's a very competitive person. But every athlete is that, or he wouldn't be an athlete. Dear, you know him. Never seen him dressed as a woman in one of his performance? And with big fake muscles? He is a showman!

Before accusing him of being a bad loser, like many websites did, maybe you should know that he did not award himself the platinum medal. In the RTR (Russian network) studio in Vancouver, the host, Alexei Popov presented him with a symbolic medal: the platinum one.

I've read websites asking for an apology to Lysacek and, listen to this, even to the Olympic committee! And, oh yes, how dared he to step on the first step of the podium during the medal ceremony?! Others have said he is a "a spoiled brat". Others have attacked even Lysacek’s rival Johnny Weir because he's an admitted russophile. I just refuse to repeat mean comments coming from readers of the mentioned sites.

I'm asking myself : is Plushenko a bad loser or are these people bad winners?
Men, this is embarrassing!

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