21 February 2010

Patrick Chan barks against Johnny Weir

Always proper Patrick Chan reprimanded funny Johnny Weir for his behaviour in the Kiss&Cry area. Apparently being funny, to make smile the audience and putting flowers on one's head are BIG DON'Ts for the Canadian skater.

Chan to Weir: Be professional in the Kiss and Cry

By Jennifer Lukas, CTVOlympics.ca Posted Friday, February 19, 2010 8:45 PM ET
In an interview with the CTVOlympics.ca on Friday, 19-year-old Patrick Chan gave his take on the "dos and don'ts" of the Kiss and Cry area where athletes await their scores after performing.
"It is awkward. It's an awkward time," Chan said. "You don't want to look upset but then again you're upset and sometimes you're so happy- it's hard. It's a weird thing - it's one of the weird things about figure skating."
Asked if he ever received any training on the way to act in the Kiss and Cry area, the Toronto athlete said no, but pointed to a moment in Thursday's free skate competition when some of the unspoken rules of the Kiss and Cry area was, in his opinion, broken.
"If you were watching yesterday, Johnny Weir put the flowers on (his) head," Chan said.
"That's like a big no-no. You don't do that. You have to have some kind of professionalism and that's just kind of- you're making fun and you know, giving it a bad image, I think, in my mind.
"It's something that you don't do. You're supposed to be proper."
Friday's interview was not the first time Chan has spoken up about the actions of a fellow skater.
Chan was the object of some scrutiny at the 2009 World Figure Skating Championships for a comment he made to the media aimed at French skater Brian Joubert. Chan said Joubert should stop complaining about the lack of quadruple jumps performed by his competitors.
Later, he said he had learned a valuable lesson about watching what he said, but he didn't regret speaking his mind.
"Some people said it's good, some people said it was bad," Chan said of the message he sent to Joubert, "But I think it's something that I had to get out."

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